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LORIO production in progress

[PRODUCTION - Level 5 : Assembly ]

The rest of the #production of HAPPLYZ Medical - LORIO, respiratory rehabilitation in images

The assembly of our first series of STARTER LORIO Packs at our partner TECH'AIR - VYV3, at the heart of the care and passed our flutes on the test bench.

50 packs which will go to our first customers - people suffering from chronic respiratory failure and a center welcoming people suffering from #copd,

Still in the industrial “Made in France”

Always in a CSR approach: we use recycled paper ♻︎

[PRODUCTION - Level 4 : Packaging]

The rest of the #production of HAPPLYZ Medical - LORIO, respiratory rehabilitation in video !




Now we need to pack everything in a nice case.

And proud to be:

Still in the industrial “Made in France”

Always in a CSR approach : we use recycled paper ♻︎

Thank you Le Cartonnage Industriel / LCI-packaging for immediately accepting our collaboration and trusting a start-up, for advising us and quickly understanding our needs... and of course, for the result

We hope our first users will be as excited as we are.


Level 2 is more complex because LORIO will face attackers coming from all sides. We will have to capture them without them escaping!

Universe 1 : Production

Level 2 : PCB assembly

Our LORIO PCBs go into a new machine. LORIO will have to capture the components that emerge from his left or right and make them prisoner of his "paste" skin (earned at level 1 - Soldering).

Level objective :

- Earn new equipment "Electronic Components".

Always and always in studio voice-over: AQLE Lorianne Toupry.

This technology is fascinating. The machine picks up the components one by one from the strips of components which unroll gradually, to its left for the small components, to its right for the larger ones, at crazy operational speed.


Video games make us progress through a succession of universes. So let's go for an immersive experience of the production of LORIO video game version!

Universe 1 : Production

LEVEL 1 : Brazing

Here are our PCBs ! They will enter a strange machine located in the (BOSS LEVEL: yes already, we are moving quickly in this game!) which will attack them with its laser beam to deposit solder paste on the location of the electronic components to be fixed in order to to hold them together.

Level objective :

- Survive the laser attack and earn a new “Dough” skin.


That's it, we're there! After more than 3 years of development, we are going to launch production of the first series of our LORIO flute. A personal achievement for our entire development team who have worked hard for months to make all this possible.

LORIO is a MedTech solution that combines Software and Hardware. Heavy investments that we were able to rationalize until this production because we have not made any dilutive raising until then, and we are very proud of that! Here is an image of the 3D printing of the formwork for our test bench which will be used to check the viability of the flute leaving the factory.

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