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The production line of the LORIO device relies on the expertise and know-how of leading manufacturers in their field. All have experience in the medical world and medical devices.

HAPPLYZ Medical is a 100% french made startup committed to working to restore the country's industrial sovereignty but also to reduce the ecological impact linked to international transport. In addition, our partners are part of a CSR approach (Corporate Social Responsibility) whether in terms of recycling of raw materials used in our production chain, or in terms of the use of recycled materials for packaging purposing.

Logo Made in France

Founded in 1980, Boursier SOGREG specializes in plastic injection molding for the medical sector. The Basque-based company is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.


Boursier SOGREG's production capacity will enable HAPPLYZ Medical to go from small series to thousands of units.

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Logo JBT Boursier

Plasturgist / 64


Specialized in the production of electronic boards for the aerospace industry, AQLE complies with very strict safety and quality procedures.

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EMS / 60


As a French manufacturer, LCI Packaging combines research, packaging design, packaging and product protection, with the responsiveness of quality production: all with flexible, environmentally-friendly structures.

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Logo LCI Packaging, Le Cartonnage Industriel

Packaging / 54

LCI Packaging

After 20 years in business, the Polygone CAO design office has developed its know-how in a wide range of industrial sectors. Their core business remains the design and routing of electronic boards.

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Logo Polygone CAO

Electronic design / 27

polygone CAO

Tech'Air is a VYV Group company specializing in the assembly and packaging of medical devices.

Around a hundred disabled people work conscientiously to care for others. This reciprocal solidarity is Tech'Air's core value.

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Assembly / Tests / Logistics / 95



Boursier Sogreg Lotissement
Assemblage chez tech'air
Fabrication Tech'air
Boursier Sogreg machine
Assemblage tech'air
Boursier Sogreg usine
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