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Inhale slowly and deeply to ride the roller coaster. Take a 3-second inspiratory pause, then begin to descend as you exhale. Be careful, in the second round, the difficulty increases : you will have to exhale more than you inhale to empty your lungs more deeply! This workout is inspired by the autogenic drainage method.


In “RollerCoaster” we work on:
- Learn to take an inspiration break,
- Manage your breath to descend into your expiratory reserve volumes (ERV),
- Learn about bronchial decongestion.

Training 2 : SKUBA

Inhale gently to make Pulmi submerge beneath the waves, then, after reaching the depth goal, exhale to bring him to the surface. Master the management of your air volumes and avoid the depths to stay afloat! Prepare to regulate your breathing based on your sensations, without the help of any visual feedback.

In "Skuba" we work on:
- Learn to manage the correct inspiratory flow, to achieve an inspiratory pause and to take an adequate volume,
- Learn how to carry out your aerosol therapy optimally.

Game 1 : MELO MEMO

Enter a musical and rhythmic game! Follow our conductor, Mélo, and memorize the melody he creates. Be careful, note after note, the melody will become longer and more complex! Learn to manage your flow and get down into your expiratory reserve volume. And don’t forget to coordinate your fingers with your breath !


Discover Pulmi's Race, our unique racing game! Master your inspiration and the inspiratory pause to fill the tank, and gain boosts that will propel you to the front of the race. Explore various boost portals, each requiring precise management of your inspiratory flow.


Every day you will be able to follow your breath performance statistics and your playing time in order to evaluate your progress over time.




"A nice surprise, your innovation! I who always have difficulty draining myself alone, thanks to your Lorio flute, I manage to do it alone, at home! It's a revolution for me; no more difficult and tiring! And what's more, I'm having fun! Many thanks again."

Sabine - Patient with PCD

I'm having fun !


​"Thank you for this great tool and for helping us to raise awareness of Primary Ciliary Dyskesia!"

Primary Ciliary Dyskenisia Association

A great tool


"It is important to learn to manage your breathing on a daily basis. But the hardest part remains the sustainability of the exercises. Today, LORIO gives the patient a real interest in the continuity of the breathing exercises which must be repeated almost daily. "

Dorian - Expert patient, Severe asthmatic

A real interest


"Being personally affected by this disease called DCP associated with Kartagener syndrome, this is a very good device to help with breathing, looking forward to being able to invest in their future project 👏🏼👏🏼"

Gaël - Patient with PCD

A very good device

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