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The solution for healthcare professionals

Hexagones décorations LORIO
Mallette de rangement LORIO Kit Pro
Tablette LORIO Kit Pro
Flûte LORIO manette avec un emboût SIFFLO+

CE Class I certified Medical Device - MDR 2017/745

With LORIO Kit Pro, create unlimited profiles for your patients, manage their training, visualize their progress, organize respiratory rehabilitation sessions and take advantage of the autonomous mode to allow your patients to use LORIO on their own.

LORIO - An innovation designed for respiratory rehabilitation

LORIO is an innovative system gamifying respiratory rehabilitation sessions aimed at improving patient's daily compliance. Thanks to the electronic system embedded in the flute, patients interact with video games and practice training their breathing during car races with Pulmi (in Pulmi's Race) or by challenging Melo in a musical course (in Melo Memo). The training sessions allow progress on breathing techniques such as bronchial clearance, management of shortness of breath or insufflatory management when taking aerosol by nebulization.


More than a tool to aid respiratory rehabilitation, LORIO is a solution that adapts to the breathing of each patient thanks to its technology based on the precise recording of breathing data and the personalization generated by its calculator. All our breathing sequences integrated into LORIO are based on respiratory physiotherapy techniques created in collaboration with experts physiotherapist in this field. Video games involve breathing and tactile actions carried out with the buttons of the flute which is similar to a game console controller. The simultaneous or successive combination between the tactile sequences and the breathing sequences allows patients to exercise without inducing fatigue, given that the breathing effort is not continuous.

The LORIO solution is a CE class I certified medical device.

Features of LORIO Kit Pro

LORIO Kit Pro is a complete solution designed for healthcare professionals wishing to be at the forefront of innovation in respiratory rehabilitation. The kit includes :

        - a case for transporting and storing equipment,
        - a LORIO flute with SIFFLO+ mouthpiece,
        - an interactive touch screen with LORIO Pro software,
        - a charging system,
        - a user manual.

With the LORIO Pro version, you can manage an unlimited number of patient profiles, organize in-office training sessions or games, and switch to autonomous mode to allow patients to use LORIO safely, whether in cabinet, or in room. Simplify your practice and offer personalized and effective respiratory rehabilitation with LORIO Kit Pro.


The LORIO Pro software requires a subscription to function optimally, in particular to ensure secure data storage, access to the resources used as well as new features constantly developed in the solution. Each LORIO Kit Pro comes with a free 12-month subscription, allowing healthcare professionals to take full advantage of the software's features. After this initial period, a subscription allows you to continue using the equipment. In the event of termination of the subscription, the LORIO Pro software will be replaced by the default LORIO mobile application available on the stores.

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