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Starter Pack SIFFLO

Starter Pack SIFFLO

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The basic solution to get started with LORIO.


It contains :

- A complete flute with the removable SIFFLO mouthpiece,

- The LORIO mobile application for free download from the AppStore or Google Play Store,

- Access to 3 games, 2 training sessions and the personal monitoring table of the LORIO mobile application,

- A USB-C cable and charger,

- A user manual.


SIFFLO is a mouthpiece allowing you to use the pursed lip blowing technique. This tip does not allow the possibility of adapting an anti-microbial filter with respiratory function.

For patients prone to secondary infections, we recommend choosing the STARTER Pack + which contains the SIFFLO + tip and whose anti-microbial filters can adapt to it.


1 year warranty

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